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The University of Chicago's Professional Certificate in Data Science for Business is an immersive ten-month learning journey that prepares professionals to meet the challenges of today's data-driven environment. This program will equip you to become a cutting-edge data scientist able to develop, optimize, and scale disruptive AI and machine learning models.

About the Certificate Program

Our ten-month Data Science for Business certificate is designed to provide solid theoretical frameworks in key areas of expertise within the field. Taught by seasoned industry experts, the program will guide participants through core principles, tools, and industry trends, culminating in a deep dive into artificial intelligence and machine learning. This certificate program comprises the following courses:

UCH -  PCP  - ICON - DSC - Data Engineering
Data Engineering

This course provides a technical overview of data collection, storage, management, and usage to bolster business intelligence.

UCH - PCP - ICON - DSC - Python for Data Science
Python for Data Science

Project-based and application-oriented, the course will teach you how to design, write, and run high-performing Python code.

UCH - PCP - ICON - DSC - Statics for data science
Statistics for Data Science

This course equips you with the core tools to manage datasets, extract meaningful insights, and enhance decision-making processes.

UCH - PCP - ICON - DSC -  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Here, you will acquire the mathematical and theoretical frameworks to leverage machine learning and expand your Python skills.

UCH - PCP - ICON - DSC - Strategic Data Storytelling
Strategic Data Storytelling

The course teaches you the art of conveying insights through compelling narratives to drive impactful, data-led decision-making.

Why enroll?

Advanced Customer Journey:

You will be guided by a Certificate Coordinator. You will also have unique opportunities to network and interact with your peers.

On-Campus Graduation:

Join your fellow participants on campus in Chicago at the end of the program, which will culminate in an in-person graduation ceremony with further networking opportunities.

Exclusive Benefits:

Become part of the global UChicago Professional Education community and receive select participant benefits upon completion of the program.

After completing the certificate program, you will be able to:

After completing the certificate program, you will be able to:

  • Build and extract insights from document databases

  • Design code that runs in parallel using multiprocessing and multithreading functionality

  • Understand RStudio and its application

  • Use scripting languages , including Python, to process, visualize, and analyze large data sets and implement machine learning solutions

  • Craft data insights into narratives that spur action and create value

  • Be awarded a credential from the University of Chicago and become part of the UChicago network

Meet Your Instructors

UCH Faculty Abid Ali
Abid Ali, PhD

Customer Success Architect, Sigma Computing

UCH Faculty Gregory Bernstein
Gregory Bernstein, MSc

Statistics for Data Science Instructor

UCH Faculty Patrick McQuillan
Patrick McQuillan, MBA

Analytics Executive and Strategy Consultant

UCH Faculty Utku Pamuksuz
Utku Pamuksuz, PhD

Chief Data Scientist and Cofounder, Inference Analytics

UCH Faculty Rebeca Pop
Rebeca Pop, MA

Strategic Data Storytelling Co-Instructor

UCH Faculty Bridget Sheahan
Bridget Sheahan, MBA, CFA

Vice President of Analytics and Insights, Vericast

Admission Process 

Application Fee 

Pay the (non-refundable) application fee and fill out the application form. 


Schedule a call for an interview with our Admissions team.


Our Admissions Committee will inform you of their final decision and if accepted, you will be able to make the tuition payment. 

Participant Experiences

Everything I learned helped me gain a better executive-level strategic overview. I also had the opportunity to share experiences with people from different countries and the data science experts at the University of Chicago.
Luis Vázquez
Participant in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

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