Python for Data Science

Leverage data in creative, relevant ways to solve real-world problems.

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After completing the course, you will be able to:

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  1. Analyze and work with large amounts of data at an advanced level using Python in creative and meaningful ways to solve real problems

  2. Explain the bases of data analysis and processing and work with Python libraries using Pandas and NumPy

  3. Train and evaluate machine-learning algorithms using scikit-learn

  4. Design code that runs in parallel using multiprocessing and multithreading functions;

  5. Create persistence models to be deployed as an API or used for batch scoring

Earn a credential certifying completion from the University of Chicago and become part of the UChicago network

Program Modules

Our Approach to Online Learning

Our Python for Data Science course provides you with the frameworks that will help you discover the opportunities that new technologies present for your organization.


Make the most of your time with a modality that lets you study and complete coursework at your own pace. If you are unable to attend webinars or live sessions, you can access them later.


Our interactive content includes videos from instructors at the University of Chicago and visual and graphic materials that provide real-life examples.


The instructional assistant—a subject matter expert—will accompany you on your journey through the content, answering your questions and providing feedback on your work.

Meet Your Instructors

These instructors teach this course regularly. Please speak to your enrollment advisor if you wish to know who the current teacher is.

UCH Faculty Michael Colella
Michael Colella, MS, MA, MS

Senior Director of Global Data Strategy and Analytics, AXS

UCH Faculty  Joshua Goldberg
Joshua Goldberg, MSc

Data Scientist, Amazon

UCH Faculty Patrick McQuillan
Patrick McQuillan, MBA

Analytics Executive and Strategy Consultant

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Live Sessions
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World-Class Instructors
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Hands-On Learning
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This course is an excellent fit for:

  • Technical professionals who want to bolster their Python knowledge and build machine learning models

  • Professionals eager to design and write optimized production code in Python to run their projects

  • Consultants who want to apply Python within the client environment for data handling and analysis

  • Sales professionals looking to learn Python for data processing, forecasting, and decision-making

Student Feedback

This is a great course for solidifying Python programming knowledge. It includes problem-solving and theorem-building exercises that will give you invaluable experience.
Savita Misra

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